Strategic Planning

Photo: Education Image
Veterinary students, staff and faculty do pre-op procedures to prepare dogs for their spays and neuters at Spayday held at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Goal 1: Educate world leaders in academic veterinary medicine, veterinary medical practice, public and environmental health

The school’s faculty and staff have identified veterinary education as one of our premier strategic goals. Through the professional DVM curriculum, advanced clinical residencies and outstanding MS, MPH, MPVM and PhD graduate studies, we will provide top quality educational experiences to support our students and colleagues as leaders in veterinary medicine. We will specifically engage our collective community in the advancement of the profession through the broad spectrum of career opportunities in academia, private practice, and in public health. The environmental health piece of our profession is a unique and growing area of veterinary medicine, which bridges animal and human ecosystems and their dependence upon the same environment.


1.1. Attract, mentor and support the best and brightest students and trainees

1.2. Design curriculum and training programs to meet current and future societal needs

1.3. Lead the field of veterinary medicine by sharing educational expertise and best practices locally, nationally and internationally