Strategic Planning

1.1. Attract, mentor and support the best and brightest students and trainees

We will strive to attract top candidates, promote demographic diversity and support our students throughout their educational program. As the knowledge base for veterinary medicine continues to expand and grow so must our support of our students to expose them to unique opportunities without overwhelming them with the vast available knowledge. We will teach them problem solving skills and life-long learning strategies to promote a professional career full of challenge and new knowledge.

a. Modify the recruitment process to attract the best professional and graduate students from California and beyond.

  • Develop an admissions process that is competitive for the highest quality candidates.
  • Consider changing the proportion of in-state to out-of-state students.
  • Aggressively recruit students to achieve a balanced class including demographic, specialty and geographic representation. (Strategy 4.2)
  • Develop methods for recruiting and supporting foreign students.
  • Leverage faculty interests and strengths to offer unique opportunities for students that attract the best and brightest (e.g. global experience, STAR program, dual degree programs).
  • Develop graduate training partnerships with government, agriculture and private industry.
  • Identify areas of excellence for post-graduate training.

b. Provide a more supportive environment for students.

  • Query students to assess satisfaction and unmet needs.
  • Benchmark best practices at other institutions.

c. Address the economic impact of rising University of California student fees.

  • Prospectively determine a reasonable financial burden for SVM students and develop an approach to support students accordingly.
  • Improve student programming and curriculum to educate students about the cost of debt and future income.
  • Pursue philanthropy specifically to support financial aid.

d. Explore the development of an undergraduate pre-veterinary medicine major at UC Davis.

e. Foster strong relationships with the California State University System as a pipeline for students interested in animal agriculture; consider reinstating masters degrees programs. (Strategy 7.1)

Current Actions

Past Actions

  • Summary of new IPB course (Download pdf)
  • Admissions Update 
    As part of our goal to attract the best and brightest students, we implemented the new Admissions Process this year for the entering class next Fall. The new process allowed us to review 1136 applications, conduct the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for 237 candidates, and accelerate the offers of admission by 3 months. All candidates eligible for scholarship support have been notified.
  • Progress Report - June 2013 - Educate World Leaders in Vet Med (download pdf)
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 - Educate World Leaders in Vet Med (download pdf)