Strategic Planning

6.2. Provide a supportive environment to foster faculty and staff success

Our faculty and staff provide the backbone of our success and efforts to recognize their contributions and support their career success are a high priority. This strategic initiative will work on a faculty, staff and leadership mentorship programs, identify and promote faculty and staff strengths, develop programs to provide seed funding to support junior faculty and bridge funding for senior faculty, and pursue projects that ensure a supportive work environment.

a. Implement a faculty compensation plan

  • Work towards market-driven compensation.
  • Recognize faculty contributions in clinical, research, education and service areas.
  • Develop accurate information on market salaries; consider local cost-of-living.
  • Offer incentives to promote teamwork and cullaboration.

b. Recognize staff contributions in clinical, research, education and service areas.

c. Establish a faculty, staff and leadership mentorship program to ensure career success.

  • Build upon best practices that exist within SVM and in other UCD Schools.

d. Identify and promote faculty and staff strengths, internally and externally.

e. Provide seed funding to support junior faculty and bridge funding for senior faculty.

f. Ensure a supportive work environment and appropriate work-life balance.

  • Identify supportive services needed.
  • Retain expertise to facilitate cultural changes needed to enhance the work environment.

g. Maintain a commitment to supporting sabbaticals; retain replacement faculty as needed.

Current Actions
Past Actions
  • New Faculty Profile Web Pages
    With help from our SVM Computing and Technology Services team, Academic Personnel, Department MSOs, and the participating faculty, the new Faculty Profile Web Pages were recently launched. These fresh, new web pages capture data on faculty electronically from the MyInfoVault (MIV) database and populate this standard faculty template. The pages will be updated annually from the MIV database thereby ensuring a regular schedule for revising information. Faculty are encouraged to keep their MIV data up-to-date to ensure that all documents generating from MIV, including these web pages, have consistent and current information. Faculty web pages are viewed by prospective students, faculty colleagues, donors, clients and many other constituents and are one way we promote faculty strengths and expertise, and showcase the faculty by department or areas of focus.
  • Leadership Mentoring
    In support of our goal to mentor faculty and staff in leadership skills for professional career success we have launched a leadership workshop series for 20 faculty and 40 staff. The first session entitled “Mental Models” was led by Gene Crumley, Chair of UC Davis Extension’s Business and Leadership Department. He engaged the groups in exploring the different approaches individuals take to address the same issue or problem. Based upon our various backgrounds and experiences, as individuals we all look at the world through a different “lens” which provides a focus or frame of reference. The mental models held by individuals are powerful tools which helps us make decisions and be effective in daily life. By understanding that other members of community approach the same challenge with a different focus, allows for increased communications, collaborations and sometimes the avoidance of unintended obstacles.
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Faculty and Staff Success Download pdf
  • Faculty and Staff Success (6.2.) Download pdf
  • Leadership Retreats (May & June)
    To kick off the strategic planning activity a leadership retreat was held in May for the Strategic Planning Implementation Team. Participants discussed leadership and communication strategies, team building, networking, and characteristics of highly functional teams. Dean Lairmore discussed the roles and responsibilities of the strategy champions and administrative liaisons and the communications and reporting expectations. An additional session was held in June for team members unable to participate in the May retreat. Additional leadership training opportunities will be developed for this group and the School’s broader leadership team members in the future.
  • Development of a Work-Life Balance Web Site
    Maintaining a balance between multiple work-related demands on time with personal responsibilities is a significant challenge for both faculty and staff in academic institutions.  An initial effort for the SVM strategic goal 6.2 will be to develop a SVM work life balance web site.  This web site will provide quick links to UCOP and UCD web sites allowing SVM employees to rapidly access information on childcare services, eldercare, leave policies and other ways to better integrate work with personal life.  Additional links to external sites from other universities with unique resources will also be provided in an easy to navigate format.  

    While this new web site is under construction, SVM employees can locate UCD resources through the following links:

    Faculty Information: 
    Staff Information: 
    UC Davis WorkLife: