Strategic Planning

6.1. Recruit faculty as needed to support strategic initiatives and for succession planning

Faculty recruitment, key to our program success, will be aligned with our strategic program plans to ensure that limited resources are targeted for maximum impact. Impediments to recruitment efforts, such as lengthy selection processes, lack of updated communications or limited transition mentoring, will be addressed to improve the overall experience of candidates and the final recruitment success.

a. Aggressively recruit and retain superb faculty.

  • Clearly identify and promote the positive aspects of being a faculty member at UC Davis and the SVM (collaborative opportunities, lifestyle, etc.).
  • Track and address success/failure in recruitment.
  • Measure the impact of UC faculty promotions, policies and compare to competitors.
  • Streamline and speed up the recruitment process.
  • Optimize the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for new faculty.
  • Improve communication with candidates throughout the process.
  • Explore options to address the high cost-of-living in Davis; leverage campus programs that address this problem.

b. Develop a collaborative strategic process for faculty recruitment.

  • Identify faculty with targeted traits (e.g. collaboration, meets identified programmatic needs).
  • Determine the future role of non-DVM faculty within the school.
  • Ensure that recruitment plans include succession planning.
  • Consider recruitments in light of school-wide needs and priorities.

c. Create a pipeline of talented SVM students and trainees with the greatest potential to succeed as faculty.

Current Actions
  • Celebrating New Faculty and Distinguished Achievement
    At the Fall Faculty Reception, fourteen new faculty were welcomed by our school's academic community - recognizing the infusion of new expertise and enthusiasm. This was also an occasion to celebrate the teaching, research and clinical excellence of our colleagues: Jim Clark, Bill Vernau, Jorge Nieto and Jonna Mazet.
  • Faculty Recruitments Key for Collaborations Download pdf
Past Actions
  • Progress Report (June 2013) Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report (October 2012) Download pdf
  • Vision for Faculty Recruitment and Career Development Download pdf
  • Leadership Development (Summer 2012)
    In support of our strategic goal to recruit, retain and cultivate an excellent faculty we are investing in our current faculty members by sending them to education and leadership conferences. Through these experiences they will further develop their ability to lead program initiatives, promote multi-disciplinary interactions and meet the distinctive learning needs of veterinary students. In the summer of 2012, several faculty members will be attending programs about leadership, educational methodologies, outcomes assessment and more. For more info check out “Investing in our Future Leaders” at:
  • Faculty Recognition Task Force (July 2012)
    The implementation of the School’s new curriculum has resulted in some significant changes in the traditional instructional roles and responsibilities of the faculty. These changes include the assignment of some faculty as leaders overseeing team-taught curricular blocks, and the utilization of other faculty as “facilitators” in small group learning sessions with students. In order to support our faculty (Goal 6.2) and ensure that their teaching effort is being evaluated and recorded properly, a task force has been appointed by the Executive Committee to clearly define the roles and expectations of block leaders, lecturers and facilitators. The task force has been asked to submit their final report by December 31, 2012.