Strategic Planning

Photo: Veterinary students, staff and faculty do pre-op procedures to prepare dogs for their spays and neuters at Spayday held at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine.
Strategic Planning Goals

Strategic Planning Goals

This Strategic Plan is the result of a deliberate process to assess our internal and external environment and answer the questions where should the school be in the future and how should the school get there? Our discussions and deliberations were followed by broad consultation with our school community.

We have collectively developed our new concise mission and vision statements to guide our future directions.


Advance the Health of Animals, People and the Environment


Leading Veterinary Medicine – Addressing Societal Needs

The final 5-year plan identified seven major goals and the 19 related strategies for addressing those goals. These goals encompass our aspirations and provide the framework for our future program growth and development.

This web site is organized by each of the seven goals and specific pages are devoted to each of the 19 strategies. Check back often for updates on activities and achievements related each of these initiatives and to keep current with our progress.

Our goals

1. Educate World Leaders in Academic Veterinary Medicine

2. High-Impact Transdisciplinary Research

3. Cutting-Edge Clinical Programs

4. Animals and People Well-Being

5. School Infrastructure and Sustainable Resources

6. Excellent Faculty and Staff

7. Academic, Government, Industry Collaborations