Strategic Planning

5.3. Elevate the School's capability in marketing, branding and public relations

The School is committed to enhancing its communications and marketing efforts to promote its expertise, discoveries, services and contributions to further promote public understanding and recognition. Enhanced efforts to coordinate design and message points of marketing materials will support philanthropic initiatives, grant applications and recruitment efforts. Implementation of a school-wide communication and marketing plan will efficiently utilize available resources to maximize the public relations impact.

a. Present a more unified brand identity for the School; retire ancillary brands.

  • Adopt standardized marks and logos for stationary, signage, business cards, etc.
  • Develop focused and consistent talking points for the School.
  • Determine how to respond to inquiries; who will answer the phone; who will speak on behalf of the school.
  • Align branding with university standards.

b. Develop a school-wide communication and marketing plan.

c. Rebrand the VMTH to increase public recognition and support for the role that the teaching hospital plays in education and research. (See Strategy 3.1)

d. Leverage university expertise in marketing and public relations.

e. Expand strategic advertising on focused programs.

Current Actions
Past Actions
  • Media Report – April-June 2014 (Download pdf)
  • SVM Media Report April - June 2012 (pdf)
  • SVM Strategic Communication and Targeted Marketing Plan (pdf)
  • Strategic Communications

    In support of our goals to communicate broadly and strategically on our programs we have developed a number of “Impact Sheets” on the achievements of our school-wide community. The School’s leadership, development and communications teams are already using this information to promote specific topics and programs to donors and friends. So far we have prepared and posted 20+ Impact Sheets on topics ranging from Food Animal Health, Nutrition, Clinical Trials, Cancer, Autism, Aquatic Toxicology and many more. We will continue to build out this site and currently have several more in progress (Equine, Companion Animal, Wildlife, Genetics and an updated SVM Distinctions). Feel free to utilize these Impact Sheets when promoting the School. link
  • Open Communications
    The national dialogue related to veterinary graduate employment opportunities, salaries and student debt recently included a survey from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), an article in the New York Times, and an open letter to the veterinary medical community from AAVMC President Deborah Kochever. As a leader in the profession it’s important that we discuss these issues, continue to address them at the local level and communicate broadly with our colleagues, students and constituents to promote open exchange. These documents and our efforts to support our students are available on our web site at link
  • Communication Metrics
    In support of our goal to enhance School public relations and marketing efforts, the SVM News Network group invited Lindsay Hardy, Web Communications Manager for the Graduate School of Management to their March meeting. Lindsay discussed the metrics and measurements used by GSM to assess their marketing and advertising campaigns. Their goals are to: Promote Branding, Engagement, and Recognition of GSM as a Thought Leader, and to Drive Traffic to the Website. They use Facebook Insights, Klout, and Google Analytics as primary measurements of their social media and electronic advertising campaigns. GSM currently has 1,800 Facebook Followers (SVM = 8,198) and an annual advertising/marketing budget of $120,000.
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Marketing, Branding and Public Relations Download pdf
  • Enhanced Communications
    In support of our public relations/communications efforts (5.3.) our Communications Team has developed a new look to the front page of our web site. In addition to highlighting our animal, human and environmental health missions, we have expanded our visual presentation with pictures that tie into additional news and activities around the school. The format allows us to feature more units, activities and achievements on this page and the structure allows us to move “the blocks” around easily to keep the page fresh and interesting to our viewers. On average the School’s web site is viewed by 53,000 visitors each month, of which 34,000 are unique visitors--meaning we have many repeat visitors during the month. Our viewers are clicking through to view a total of 139,000 pages/month. The average visitor is on our site for 2.37 minutes. The VMTH site is viewed by 14,000 visitors each month of which 10,000 are unique viewers, who access a total of 40,000 page views. Over the course of a year our web site is a major tool for us to promote our programs and expertise. Many thanks to John Gardiner, Trina Wood and the rest of the communications team for their on-going efforts on our web site!
  • Media Report July-September 2012 Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Marketing, Branding and PR (5.3.) Download pdf
  • New SVM Communications Officer hired - Trina Wood Download pdf
  • New VMTH Communications Officer - Rob Warren Download pdf
  • SVM Strategic Communications and Targeted Marketing Plan Download PDF
  • SVM Communications Council Download PDF