Strategic Planning

Photo: Gladys Valley Hall
Gladys Valley Hall at the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Goal 5: Ensure effective school-wide management infrastructure and sustainable financial resources for the future

The School of Veterinary Medicine is a large enterprise - comprised of more than 50 programs and units and approximately 2,500 faculty, staff and students. Managing the financial, facility and personnel resources for these units is critical to the overall success of the school. Equally important is the internal and external communications to keep our school community and constituents informed of the multitude of activities and achievements, and ensure a transparent operational structure. Efforts to manage and enhance our resources will continue and include the implementation of a new campus budget paradigm, the opening of our new research facility, and the recruitment of new faculty and staff. Broad communications and targeted marketing efforts will contribute to a broader understanding of our programs, strategic priorities, infrastructure investments, and contributions to advance animal, human and environmental health.

5.1. Optimize the financial position of the school

5.2. Strengthen internal communication, transparency and collaboration

5.3. Elevate the school's capability in marketing, branding and public relations

5.4. Review and optimize the school's organizational structure