Strategic Planning

5.2 Strengthen internal communication, transparency and collaboration

In recognition of the large and complex organizational structure of the school, it is critical that faculty, staff and students are kept apprised of news, activities, program advancements, research discoveries, budget updates and other information. An assessment of current communication channels and development of new methods or mediums for communicating will be pursued, with the goal of providing information in easily accessible formats on a regular and timely basis.

a. Develop an annual State of the School address. Download the May 2016 State of the School Address (pdf)

b. Increase collaboration and engagement between basic and clinical faculty.

c. Better communicate the SVM organizational structure internally and externally.  (See Strategy 5.4)

d. Share innovative entrepreneurial ideas across the SVM.

e. Communicate regularly with all faculty, staff and students using a variety of communication modalities.

f. Disseminate information about strategic planning.

g. Publish a faculty recruitment plan linked to the strategic plan. (See Strategy 6.1)

Current Actions
  • Employing Different Communication Modalities
    2017 Graduating Senior Byron Lee chronicled his vet med journey through an "Instagram Takeover". Leading up to Commencement Byron told his story through nine posts which earned more than 46,000 views.
  • 2017 State of the School Address (Download pdf)
  • Infrastructure Supports Service Mission
    This recent Facility Update highlights building projects that enhance the school's services for students, clinical patients and animal agriculture producers. These updates help keep the school's community current with project progress and timetables.
  • Facility Update - November 2016 (Download pdf)
  • Kiosk Communications Enhanced
    To share information easily and engage our visitors, a new feature has been added to the computer kiosks in Valley Hall, and in Vet Med 3A & 3B. When not needed to access directory, classroom or other information, the kiosks will default to show pictures and short videos of different activities, people, and events happening around the school. In time, additional outlets will be added in the VMTH, MPT, and the new VMSSAC and Scrubs facilities.
  • State of the School Address - May 2016 (Download pdf)
  • Facility Update - October 2015 (Download pdf)
  • School Update - October 2015 (Download pdf)
  • Promoting School-wide Communications - Dean Lairmore prepared and delivered his annual State of the School Address recently, highlighting the many activities and accomplishments of the School's faculty, staff and students.
  • Facilities Update - June 2015 (Download pdf)
  • State of the School Address - May 2015 (Download pdf)
  • School Update - April 2015 (Download pdf)
  • Student Tuition Discussion - Dean Michael Lairmore, Associate Dean Sean Owens, and State Government Relations Director Adrian Lopez served on a panel for a student town-hall session to engage in open discussion of tuition issues and respond to nine specific questions provided by student leaders. Approximately 90 students participated in the session. The answers to these questions were also provided in a document now posted at: Student Tuition Q&A (pdf)
  • Electronic Communication Guidelines (Download pdf)
  • Strategic Planning Retreat - 2013 Download pdf
  • Facility Update Download pdf
  • VMTH View - February Download pdf
  • Curriculum Update - November Download pdf (secure)
  • Curriculum Update - December Download pdf (secure)
  • Curriculum Update - January Download pdf (secure)
Past Actions
  • SVM Activities & Impacts – The School’s Communication Team puts out an e-newsletter to faculty, staff and students that goes out each Tuesday with current news and upcoming events to promote communications across the School.
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Internal Communications Download pdf
  • State of the School Address, Dean Lairmore - June 12, 2013 Download pdf
  • SVM Media Report – January-March 2013 Download pdf
  • SVM Media Report July-September 2012 Download pdf
  • Media Report October to December 2012 Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Internal Communications (5.2.) Download pdf
  • State of the School Address, Dean Lairmore - May 30, 2012 Download pdf
    Watch Video (requires Flash)
  • SVM Media Report April - June 2012 Download (pdf)
  • SVM Strategic Communication and Targeted Marketing Plan Download (pdf)
  • New SVM Communications Officer hired - Trina Wood Download pdf
  • New VMTH Communications Officer - Rob Warren Download pdf
  • Dean’s Reports and Updates (June 12, 2012)
    We have created a new page on our VIPER web site under the ADMIN Tab entitled Dean’s Reports and Updates to further promote our internal communications. We will be posting reports, updates, and communications from the leadership team to keep you informed. New additions include: Dean Lairmore's "State of the School" address and the VMDO Team’s Monthly Reports
  • Internal Communications (July 2012)
    The leadership team for the internal communications strategic initiative meet to kick discuss their project. Initial discussions focused on current internal communication mechanisms and web site resources. Items identified for future action included: mechanisms to communicate faculty research interests to promote collaborations; updating of faculty web pages with publication and research interest information; student recruitment advertising; faculty awards and departmental demonstrations of current web based communication information/resources. The team decided to work on a survey to send out to faculty and staff to identify preferred communication channels and information priorities.
  • SVM Communications Council Download PDF