Strategic Planning

Project Background

As an institution we were at a critical juncture in our development facing many challenges and many opportunities. The faculty, staff and students of this School are extremely creative and dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession in the broadest sense. But to truly be successful the faculty and School's leadership have recognized the need to assess the School's strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities and then deliberately and strategically create a plan to focus our efforts and resources for maximum impact and achievement. With the help of AMC Strategies, we have launched a strategic planning activity to answer the following four questions:

  1. Where is the School Today?
  2. Where Should the School be in the Future?
  3. How Should the School Get There?
  4. Is the School Getting There?

The final plan will provide a guide or roadmap for our veterinary community to use in navigating our future endeavors and the allocation of faculty, facilities and financial resources to support those initiatives. We envision our strategic plan to include an implementation tool with techniques and oversight mechanisms put in place to track and report on the progress of the plan and appropriate points for re-evaluation to address current conditions. Therefore, this strategic planning activity is intended to be a living document to be used and referred to on a regular basis.