Strategic Planning

Planning Process Timeline

Planning Process/Timeline

PHASE I: PLANNING RESEARCH (Completed June 2011)

Phase I provides the quantitative and qualitative foundation for identifying the strengths, weaknesses and strategic issues facing the School in each of its mission areas. The planned research will also establish the framework from which mission, vision, goals and strategies will be developed in Phase II. Activities will include:

Strategic Planning Interviews

Interview 50 individuals representing key school stakeholders to gather input on the current position of the School -- current strengths, weaknesses, strategic opportunities, top priorities, etc.  Interviewees included: SVM leadership, department chairs, faculty, students, campus leaderships, donors, alumni, CVMA and commodity representatives.

Stakeholder Survey

Conduct an online survey to test and validate the strategic priorities identified during the strategic planning interviews that should be addressed in the strategic plan. By inviting broad input from faculty, staff and students everyone has a part in shaping the strategic direction of the School.

Environmental Assessment

Provide an analysis of key internal and external data elements that will be important to the School's strategic decisions and planning. This assessment will include:

  • Key trends for research (extramural funding trends, space/facilities, targeted areas of growth, etc.)
  • Clinical data (caseload trends, financial analysis, etc.)
  • Education info (relevant student/fellowship training assessment and trends, etc.)

PHASE II:  DEFINE STRATEGIC DIRECTION (In progress December 2011 - February 2012)

The primary focus of Phase II is to define the School's strategic direction based on the findings from Phase I.

Strategic Planning Retreat (full day - 12/8/2012): 

  • Present the strategic implications of the key findings from Phase I activities; define mission, vision and primary goals in light of these findings;
  • Begin to develop strategies and tactics in support of the vision and goals.
  • Participants:  Steering Committee

Two Half-Day Strategy Sessions (1/31/2012 & 2/24/2012): 

  • Review results of Retreat 1:  draft mission, vision and goals.  
  • Complete the strategies and tactics for the School's strategic plan – in support of the overall vision and goals.
  • Participants:  Steering Committee

During the course of Phase II, AMC Strategies will summarize the Steering Committee discussions and deliberations and draft a strategic plan for the School that includes a mission and vision statement, measurable goals, strategies and tactics.  


Phase III of the strategic planning process will involve a two-hour on-site Steering Committee strategic planning meeting to complete the following:

  • Review the final draft of the strategic plan
  • Identify strategic priorities for year 1 implementation
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan including target dates and responsibilities for accomplishing each of the Strategic Plan's strategies and tactics


The Final Phase will include a variety of review sessions with faculty, staff and students to outline the draft plan and seek input. Refinements will be made to the plan, or the implementation strategies/timelines, as appropriate based on the input received before the draft plan is finalized. The final plan and implementation tool will be announced to the faculty, staff and students and posted on this web site.