Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Implementation Team

Strategy Planning Implementation Team



Strategy Champions & Administrative Liasions

Goal 1

Educate world leaders in academic veterinary medicine, veterinary medical practice, public and environmental health.

Jan Ilkiw, Sean Owens


Attract, mentor and support  the best and brightest students and trainees.

Danika Bannasch (PHR); Chris Kreuder-Johnson (VME/WHC)


Design curriculum and training programs to meet current and future societal needs.

Dori Borjesson (PMI); Joie Watson (VME)


Lead the field of veterinary medicine by sharing educational expertise and best practices locally, nationally and internationally

Terry Lehenbauer (PHR/VMTRC);Matt Mellema (VSR)

Goal 2

Be at the forefront of high-impact transdisciplinary research

Issach Pessah


Provide supportive infrastructure and efficient services to facilitate research.

Damian Genetos (APC); Leigh Griffiths (VME)


Actively pursue transdisciplinary research programs and extramural support.

Pam Lein (VMB); Bart Weimer (PHR)

Goal 3

Provide cutting-edge clinical programs that support education, research and service

David Wilson, Tom Venturino


Provide outstanding patient care in an efficient, compassionate and service-oriented manner.

Penny Farnham (VMTH); Jane Sykes (VME)


Foster excellence in clinical teaching.

Gary Magdesian (VME); Rachel Pollard (VSR)


Capitalize on the large and diverse clinical caseload to support excellence in translational and clinical research.

Andrea Fascetti (VMB); Nicola Pusterla (VME)


Establish and foster client relationships that enhance philanthropic support.

Bill Culp (VSR);Karl Jandrey (VSR)

Goal 4

Advance the well-being of animals and people in California and around the globe

Michael Lairmore, John Pascoe


Identify pressing societal problems where the School can make an impact and align efforts to develop meaningful solutions.

Woutrina Miller (VME); Brenda McCowan (PHR)


Broaden the diversity of the veterinary medicine community at UC Davis and beyond.

Monica Aleman (VME); Munashe Chigerwe (VME); Sean Owens (PMI)

Goal 5

Ensure effective school-wide management infrastructure and sustainable financial resources for the future.

Mary McNally, Linda Ybarra


Optimize the financial position of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Pam Mazanet-Belleau (VME); Matt Blake (OHI)


Strengthen internal communication, transparency and collaboration.

Phil Kass (PHR); Birgit Puschner (VMB)


Elevate the School's capability in marketing, branding and public relations.

Julie Meadows (VME); Julie Dechant (VSR)


Review and optimize the School's organizational structure.

Walter Boyce (PMI);Geraldine Hunt (VSR)

Goal 6

Recruit, retain and cultivate excellent and productive faculty and staff.

John Pascoe


Recruit faculty as needed to support strategic initiatives and for succession planning.

Bruno Pypendop (VSR); Jodi Westrop (VME)


Provide a supportive environment to foster faculty and staff success.

Lisa Miller (APC);Lisa Tell (VME);

Goal 7

Build strong collaborations across UC Davis and with other academic, government, agricultural and business partners.

Michael Lairmore


Strengthen external collaboration in all mission areas.

Holly Ernest (OHI); Linda Potoski (PMI)


Promote collaboration with other schools and programs at UC Davis.

Paul Allen (VMB); Laura Van Winkle (APC