Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


The Office of Admissions and Student Programs will be a national leader in developing innovative programs that support multicultural education, diversity, equitable admissions practices and veterinary student career development all within the framework of a caring and supportive environment.


1. Be a leader in the development of initiatives that broadly promote the profession of veterinary medicine within stakeholder communities.

2. Support and foster diversity within the profession.

3. Provide services and programs that support the professional success of our DVM students.

4. Play a key role in supporting the School's commitment to producing engaged graduates, prepared for professional life and leadership within the communities they serve.

Guiding Principles


We will serve as a trusted leader within the UC Davis veterinary medical student community and invest in the development of new student leaders for the future of our profession, our communities and our society.


We support and promote the highest standards in academic veterinary medicine.


We promote a veterinary profession that reflects the diversity of the profession and our society as a core requirement in meeting societal needs.


We advance our mission in partnership with others within and outside of academic veterinary medicine.


We strive for open and honest communications in dealings among members and with partners, staff and other stakeholders.


We are flexible and responsive in assuring that the Office of Admissions and Student Programs meets the needs of our students.


We maintain the highest standards of accountability through responsible management practices.