Meet our Team

Photo: Karl Jandrey

Karl Jandrey

Associate Dean of Admissions
and Student Programs

Photo: Kimberly O'Bryan

Kimberly O'Bryan

Director of Admissions

Photo: Janel Lang, M.A.

Janel Lang, M.A.

Director - Career, Leadership and
Wellness Center

Photo: A. Zachary Ward, Ph.D.

A. Zachary Ward, Ph.D.

Coordinator - Mental Health
and Wellness Programs

Photo: Janet Matlock

Janet Matlock

L.M.F.T., C.T.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Photo: Yasmin Williams

Yasmin Williams

Diversity Officer

Photo: Blank

Miriam Magana

Financial Aid Officer

Photo: Accreditation

Tina Maher

Student Services Officer