Science Prerequisites Substitution Request Form

Pre-requisites taken at California public colleges are articulated on our Transferable Course Page and will not be substituted.  Courses taken at California private colleges or out-of-state colleges may be reviewed for approval to satisfy science pre-requisites. Statistics does not require approval. Any course, lower or upper division, in statistics will suffice. Calculus is not required and will not satisfy the statistics requirement.

Our decision regarding your substitution request will be emailed to you within 10 business days.

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(Biochemistry, Physiology and Genetics must be taken at the upper division level. Requests to take these courses at the lower division level will be denied.)

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Course description as it appears in the college catalog (include any pre-requisites required to take the course)

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Provide a link to your school's explanation of their course numbering system (usually found in the college catalog). The explanation should include what course numbers are lower division and what course numbers are upper division (e.g. courses numbered 100 & 200 are lower division; courses numbered 300 & 400 are upper division). Every college has its own unique numbering system so it's important information for us in evaluating your request for a course substitution.