WICHE Program

The Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education’s Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) enables students in AZ, HI, MT, NV, NM, ND and WY to enroll in select out-of-state veterinary schools because veterinary programs are not available at public institutions in their home state. Some of the WICHE states require participating students to return to their home state after graduation or pay back all or a portion of the support fees paid for their education http://www.wiche.edu/psep.

If an applicant wants to participate in WICHE, they must apply to the PSEP program http://www.wiche.edu/psep/vetmed. An applicant that applies to the DVM program as a WICHE applicant and receives WICHE certification, must remain a WICHE applicant through the admissions process and, if offered admission, must accept as a WICHE student and remain in WICHE status the entire duration of the DVM program (4 years). Admitted WICHE students may not withdraw from WICHE status or apply for CA residence during their veterinary education.

WICHE applicants should contact the certifying officer of their home state and discuss in detail all of the advantages and restrictions of the WICHE program and have a full understanding of the requirements when they submit their application for admission.

Beginning with the 2018-19 application cycle, WICHE applicants will be evaluated for admission as out-of-state applicants and will no longer be included for evaluation with the California resident applicant pool.