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Kaori Hora - Class of 2018

Photo: Kaori Hora - Class of 2018

"When people told me that vet school would be the hardest thing that I have done in my life, I assumed they were talking about the workload and lifestyle. But issues like burnout and stress are so real in our profession, and I think it is important that we have avenues to address them. I’m excited to be involved in the Healer’s Art because it is a unique program that creates a safe space to talk about some of these issues. I look forward to being a part of this movement to create openness with our colleagues about these unspoken burdens, and to raise awareness of them to a wider audience."

Makiko Mizutani - Class of 2019

Photo: Makiko Mizutani - Class of 2019

"In my previous years of schooling, I often failed to take care of myself and felt its negative consequences. Unfortunately, I also found many of my peers struggling with the same issue. Through The Healer’s Art program, I am looking forward to learning effective ways to manage stress and to stay connected to what motivated me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. As a student ambassador, I hope to help promote the importance of self-care so that our veterinary community can be compassionate not only towards our animal patients and clients who care about them but also towards ourselves."


Kristin Haitz - Class of 2018

Photo: Kristin Haitz - Class of 2018

"I am excited to be a part of the Healer’s Art program here at UC Davis SVM. As a second year ambassador, I look forward to the program enhancing my understanding of veterinary medicine. I am also excited to take a break from the classroom setting and develop stronger relationships with my classmates and veterinarians within the Sacramento Region. Most of all, I look forward to being an ambassador because the Healer’s Art it is a great reminder on why I am here in the first place: for the love and heart of Vet Med."

Andria Serena Lessler - Class of 2019

Andria Serena Lessler - Class of 2019

"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as an ambassador to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s Healer’s Art Program. I believe that participation in the program, at this early point in my veterinary career, will nourish my commitment to the creatures of this Earth, the world they inhabit and the people with which it is shared. I embrace this chance to collectively explore what it means to be a medical professional, and deepen my understanding of how to be a healer in a wounded beautiful world. " 

Michael Forney - Class of 2018

Photo: Michael Forney - Class of 2018

"I want to participate in the Healer’s Art Program because I view communication as a vital aspect of Veterinary Medicine.  The course offers a unique opportunity for students and veterinarians to share the challenges they have overcome and continue to face in addition to promoting heartfelt connections with the animals we will care for and their caregivers.  As an ambassador, I plan to share my own sources of inspiration as well as support my peers and mentors as we reflect on the journey we have embarked upon toward becoming veterinary professionals."

Andrea Nicole Spediacci - Class of 2019

Photo: Andrea Nicole Spediacci - Class of 2019

"I became interested in the Healer’s Art Program as I started my research and application in to the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine program. As a career changer, I know the repercussions that may ensue without a positive work-life balance and am dedicated to maintaining this in my second career. I also look forward to helping other colleagues and friends achieve this goal. This program allows us a safe space to think and converse about not only the great aspects of the profession but the challenges as well. My hope is to maintain this positive outlook with clients and colleagues in both school and in the field."

Aubrey Lambach - Class of 2019

Photo: Aubrey Lambach - Class of 2019

"I am excited to participate in The Healer’s Art at UC Davis.  By joining the veterinary profession, I am making a commitment to lifelong learning about medicine and animal heath, as well as my own well-being.  I am looking forward to developing my ability to support my colleagues, and myself, throughout this journey.  During the struggles and stresses, I hope to be able to remain focused on what I truly love about veterinary medicine.  We are a community that is making a positive difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them, and that is such a beautiful thing."

Haylee Teruko Arimoto - Class of 2019

Photo: Haylee Teruko Arimoto - Class of 2019
"The Healer’s Art Program interested me for the sense of community and understanding it facilitates. I believe it is important to feel comfortable to voice one’s frustrations, fears, and joys as we are going through veterinary school so that we will have the tools to find relief and comfort once we are practicing. Participation by community veterinarians in the program shows how invaluable this resource is even beyond school. It is easy to get consumed by the rigors of veterinary school, but this program will teach me that is okay and allow me to focus on the good things by making deep, long-lasting connections with my colleagues.  This program is just another way UC Davis SVM demonstrates that we are a family and we are all here for each other.

Lindsey Khan - Class of 2019

Photo: Lindsey Khan - Class of 2019

"The veterinary profession is filled with many different and complex emotions.  One hour you can be joyous as a case resolves, or a patient recovers, and the next you can be devastated as the animal you have worked with for fifteen years has reached the end of their life.  Through this, veterinarians have to cope with the rapid changes in emotion, and the strain that it places on them.  I joined this program to learn how to better care for myself, as well as my colleagues.  Veterinary school may teach us all the science and medicine we need to know to care for our patients, but it is essential to learn how to handle our own emotions and the daily stress of being a veterinarian, and this program does just that.  I am so honored to be an ambassador for Healer’s Art, and hope to represent it well."

Arash Sarlati - Class of 2018

Photo: Arash Sarlati - Class of 2018

"I’ve have had the honor of participating in The Healer's Art in it's inaugural year and again this year as an ambassador. The Healer's Art is unlike any other course in the veterinary school curriculum in providing skill to foster mental fitness, which is vital for our profession. We often times get so caught up in providing for our clients and patients we forget to take a step back and focus on ourselves. I am excited to work with colleagues and develop skills to nurture our own well being so as to provide the best health care for our clients and patients."