Iverson-Bell Conference 2017

"Recruiting and Selecting for the Future of Veterinary Medicine"

Photo: Iverson-Bell Conference 2015

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Recruiting and admitting bright, talented students is essential for academic veterinary medicine and the veterinary medical profession to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.  Whether focusing on companion animal care, epidemiology or food animal medicine, veterinary medicine is a dynamic, evolving profession that must adapt to changing demand, demographics and economic constraints, as well as meet the world’s increasing demand for veterinary expertise.

This year’s Iverson Bell Conference, focused on recruitment, admissions and diversity.  It was designed to help schools and colleges of veterinary medicine keep informed regarding the latest societal changes, how they’re affecting recruitment, and how to develop strategies to adapt to both short-term and long-term admissions and recruitment challenges. This included the pressing challenge of recruiting students from historically under-represented populations and also the new minorities in academic veterinary medicine: males and rural students.

The AAVMC brought together leaders from academic veterinary medicine and related disciplines to focus on recruitment and admissions, as well as curricula and leadership. Specific information sessions included:

  • Up-to-date AAVMC data on recruitment, admissions and diversity and projections for the future
  • Tips for recruiting from under-represented populations
  • What matters to potential students and what recruitment approaches get results
  • A better understanding of curriculum and leadership and how they relate to diversity, recruitment and admissions.

2017 Conference web site: https://aavmc.z2systems.com/np/clients/aavmc/event.jsp?event=35