Photo: Vet Med Competencies
Clients talk with class of 2011 veterinary student Nayeli Rojas during a patient exam in the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service. Professor Frank Verstraete and Doctor Boaz Arzi repaired two rare birth defects, a cleft palate and bifid nose, in "Tug," a rescued English Springer Spaniel. Rojas performed the exam as part of a rotation in dentistry, where she learned basic clinical skills related to oral health. She also developed tools for client communication, an important aspect of veterinary practice.


Graduating Veterinarian Competencies

The Council on Education has mandated that veterinary graduates must have the basic scientific knowledge, skills and values to practice veterinary medicine, independently, at the time of graduation. At a minimum, graduates must be competent in providing entry-level health care for a variety of animal species.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Graduating Competencies

With input from both faculty and stakeholders, the school developed and adopted veterinary competencies for a UC Davis entry-level graduate. The competencies are both core for all students irrespective of track, as well as competencies specific for students in small animal, food animal and equine tracks. The learning of these competencies is tracked throughout all years of the curriculum to ensure that students are getting adequate learning experiences.