Disability Accommodations

Disability Accommodations

University of California, Davis, is committed to ensuring equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. An integral part of that commitment is the coordination of specialized academic support services through the Student Disability Center (SDC)

Role of the Student Disability Center
The philosophy of the SDC is to promote independence and integrated participation in campus life for students with disabilities. The SDC is staffed by professional Disability Specialists who specialize in different areas of disability: learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological, and mobility. These professionals each work with an assigned caseload of students, determining their eligibility for academic accommodations and ensuring the provision of accommodations necessary to allow the students to participate meaningfully in educational opportunities on campus.

The SDC staffs are available to answer questions that prospective students may have about services for students with disabilities on campus. The SDC staff also provides information to faculty on working with students with disabilities. The SDC is housed in Student Special Services in 54 Cowell Building. Please call 530-752-3184. 

Process within the School of Veterinary Medicine for Students with Disabilities

At the beginning of each quarter (or as soon as a student has been determined to be eligible for accommodations), the SDC will provide the Office for Academic Programs with the paperwork documenting the name of each student and the specific accommodations required. The Office for Academic Programs will work to set in place these accommodations.

The School is not required to provide accommodations if these accommodations would lower academic standards or compromise the integrity of the school or program by not allowing a student to gain skills or abilities that are fundamental to the practice of veterinary medicine.

Students entering the School of Veterinary Medicine must sign a technical non-academic standard document to ensure that they have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of this professional degree without a change in the fundamental program requirements of the curriculum. Furthermore, admitted students must meet these requirements within a reasonable period of time.