Visiting Students

Visiting Student Policy:  William Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

The faculty and staff of the William Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) strive to be as accommodating as possible toward visitors, yet their primary concern must be to maintain the quality of our teaching & service programs.  Visiting students are often given responsibility for treatments, data entry into the medical record and client communications.  The performance and behavior of visiting students reflects on the VMTH.  It is VMTH policy that each Service must give approval for any outside student who wishes to spend time in that Service.  Thus, all students must apply to the VMTH Director`s Office and be accepted individually by the Service in which they hope to participate.  All arrangements must be made through the VMTH Director’s Office through Judy Wall,  Applicable policies are outlined below.

  • Students who are in their final year of Veterinary School will be given priority.  During the summer, we may accept U.S. students who are between their second and third or third and fourth years, and overseas students who are between their third and fourth, or fourth and fifth years.
  • Places are available in the requested clinical rotation or Service.
  • Fees will typically be waived for up to four weeks of clinical rotations for students from AVMA accredited Schools or Colleges that offer similar exchange opportunities to UC Davis students.
  • A fee of $955 per week will typically be charged to students from Schools or Colleges that are not AVMA accredited or cannot provide similar exchange opportunities to UC Davis students. This fee applies to students who are not taking the rotation for academic credit from their home institution and do not request to be evaluated or graded on their performance at UC Davis; otherwise a fee of $2,700/week will typically be charged unless formal agreements exist between the home institution and the VMTH.
  • Room and board is not included in this fee.  It is expected that students will arrange their own travel and accommodations; however, information regarding potential accommodations will be made available. 
  • Fee waivers may be granted under extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the Service Chief and the VMTH Director.
  • Visiting students must be proficient in spoken and written English to be accepted.

 Students from many foreign countries must obtain a visa if they intend to stay in the United States for more than four weeks. Currently an administrative fee of $354 will be charged by the University of California, Davis, for obtaining the documents needed for the visa.  Fees for visa documents will be due at the time visa arrangements are made for each individual and will be paid to the VMTH.  A visa waiver program exists between the U.S. and some countries, which will allow foreign nationals from those countries to participate in such training without a visa and without incurring an administrative fee.  Canadian students may be eligible for a TN visa at a minimal cost if obtained at the port of entry.  Foreign nationals should not be invited as guests of the VMTH until visa requirements have been determined; otherwise, the VMTH could be subject to fines imposed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).