Visiting Veterinarians

Veterinarians seeking to spend time at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) will need to submit their preferred visit dates, the Service they wish to visit, and a current CV, via email to Judy Wall (, in the VMTH Director’s Office.

Whereas the faculty and staff of the VMTH strive to be as accommodating as possible toward visiting veterinarians, space and other limitations may preclude acceptance of visitors to specific Services on specific dates.  Requests must be approved by the appropriate Service Chief and the VMTH Director and all arrangements must be made through the VMTH Director’s Office.

The following policies and fees apply to visiting veterinarians:

  1. Veterinarians who are California residents will be charged $140/day or $700/week (equivalent to veterinary student tuition for California residents).
  2. Veterinarians from outside of California (non-residents), will be charged $195/day or $955/week (equivalent to student out of state tuition). Fees are due on the first day of the visit and can be paid by cash or credit card.
  3. Room and board is not included in this fee.  It is expected that veterinarians will arrange their own travel and accommodation; however, information regarding potential accommodation is available upon request.
  4. The title of "visiting veterinarian" will be accorded. 
  5. The visiting veterinarian can be given library privileges by obtaining a “Temporary Affiliate Account” through the VMTH Director’s Office.
  6. Veterinarians from some foreign countries will need to obtain a visa if their total stay in the United States will exceed one month.  Additional administrative and INS fees associated with visa arrangements may be charged.  Fees for visa documents are due at the time document arrangements are made for each individual and should be made payable to the VMTH.  Visitors should contact the Director’s Office for information on fees and visas.
  7. The VMTH does not accept veterinarians wishing to complete ECFVG requirements by training at the VMTH. 
  8. The VMTH does not participate in remedial training required by the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) for veterinarians who have been disciplined.
  9. During the resident recruitment period (usually September-December) resident applicants visiting for an interview are exempt from fees.
  10. Nontraditional/Alternative Track residents are veterinarians who are in practice and elect to spend time in VMTH Services to fulfill Specialty Board requirements.  If the Nontraditional resident is functioning as an integral part of a Service, helping to deliver patient care, teaching & service, the Service Chief may elect to waive fees.  If the Nontraditional/Alternative Track resident visits the VMTH for short blocks of time and does not fully participate in patient care, teaching, service and on-call duties, fees should be charged as defined in 1 and 2 above.
  11. Veterinarians visiting as part of a sabbatical leave or to participate in research and academic pursuits normally receive a courtesy appointment and register through a department within the School of Veterinary Medicine.  If the individual will also work in the VMTH, he or she must report to the VMTH Director’s Office to fill out a Visitor’s Form.  Academic visitors of this type are not typically required to pay fees, but will need the proper visa.  In these cases, visa arrangements are the responsibility of the host department within the School.