Photo: Graduate Salary Survey
Graduate Salary Survey

Graduate Salary Survey

2013 Graduate Salary Survey: A report of average starting salary and benefit data for the Class of 2013

Every year as graduation approaches, senior veterinary students exploring their employment options ask what they should expect regarding salary, benefits, and work conditions. In June 2013, the School collected extensive raw data from the Class of 2013 and prepared a comprehensive analysis to assist veterinary graduates making employment decisions. Annually, with the participation of each graduating class, the School updates the information, improves its quality, and continues to provide this valuable resource.

For the purpose of determining the value of various benefits offered by employers, recognized sources were consulted. Those sources, and the suggested value that was assigned for each benefit, are footnoted in the analysis. These assessed values are reviewed annually. Values in parenthesis on the chart reflect the number of individuals responding for each category of employment. The percent values noted in the benefit categories refer to the percent of respondents who reported being offered each specific benefit.

Graduating Class of 2013 Average Employment Compensation Statistics

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