Renal Medicine/Hemodialysis Fellowship Program

UC Davis and the UCVMC-SD currently offer the only available fellowship program dedicated to veterinary nephrology and hemodialysis. This two-year program is designed to provide advanced specialty training in clinical nephrology, including:

  • Basic science and pathophysiology of renal failure and its management
  • Basic clinical application of hemodialysis in uremic animals
  • Pathophysiological basis of urinary disease, critical patient care, urinary imaging, urinary endoscopy, and urodynamics

The program emphasizes training in clinical and/or basic research and publication of the findings. The fellowships are targeted toward veterinarians who have completed residency training (generally in internal medicine or critical care) and desire immersion in advanced management of renal diseases. Truly exceptional non-residency trained applicants may be considered, but residency training is strongly preferred. Fellowship training intensively covers all aspects of management of dialysis patients, including assessment, vascular access placement, and acute and chronic dialysis prescription and delivery. Fellows also manage a broad and active outpatient nephrology/urology caseload. Non-clinical professional development time is allotted for a required annual project with the expectation of publication and presentation of results at a national forum. Video-conferencing links the two programs and video-conferenced journal club and case rounds are held three times per week.

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