UC Veterinary Medical Center, San Diego


Photo: Dr. Masato Fukui

New Pharmacy Fellowship Program and new Pharmacy Fellow

“We would like to announce a new program at the University of California Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego.  This program is unique in its concept to offer veterinary clinical pharmacy training with a small animal focus to pharmacists who otherwise would not have access to veterinary clinical training.  To date, there is no other program of this type available in the United States.  The intent of this program is to provide opportunities for pharmacists, with prior pharmacy practice experience and post-graduate training, to expand their knowledge of small animal clinical veterinary medicine; participate in basic and clinical research; and develop teaching and leadership skills vital to veterinary clinical pharmacy practice.  To date, pharmacist training in veterinary medicine in the United States is very limited.  The proposed program outlined here, will expand those opportunities and offer solutions to a clear need for pharmacists trained in this specialty. 

Our first fellow, Dr. Masato Fukui, is here with us for the next 2 years.”