UC Veterinary Medical Center, San Diego

Photo: Nutrition
Nutrition specialists can create a diet specific to your pet’s needs.

Program Information

The UCVMC-SD Clinical Nutrition Program is staffed by a group of residents, under the guidance of three board certified veterinary nutritionists. The residents are former and/or current graduate students in the discipline of Nutrition. The UCVMC-SD Clinical Nutrition Program also provides a telephone consultation service for veterinarians and their staff not associated with the university.

Services provided include recommendations for commercial or home-cooked diets for previously diagnosed disease(s). In addition, there is an obesity clinic for patients who have already had a medical work up to rule out underlying disease(s) in the last month. We recommend the minimal work up to include a physical examination, a urinalysis, complete blood count, and chemistry panel including T4 level. The obesity clinic develops an individualized weight loss program tailored to meet each patient's and client's needs. The obesity clinic also provides progress checks during the weight-loss period and plans for future weight management. Currently, this service is limited to cats and dogs.

If you are interested in a Nutrition Consult you have two options to choose from. You can either meet with your primary care veterinarian and have them directly coordinate with the veterinary nutritionists OR you can call the UC Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego, located in Sorrento Valley, and set up a 1 hour video conference to meet directly with the nutritionists. Either way we will need a Diet History Form filled out by the animal’s owner/caregiver, a Nutrition Consult Request Form filled out by your referring veterinarian, a urinalysis, a complete blood count and a chemistry panel with T4. All the work ups need to have been performed within the past 6 months.