G. V. Ling Urinary Stone Analysis Laboratory

Feline urate Urolithiasis Retrospective Study

Dr. Jonathan Dear, a second year medicine resident at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is performing a retrospective study to gain a better understanding of cats with urate urolithiasis. He has contacted many veterinarians who have submitted urate stones they have removed from cats in order to obtain complete records of these cases. He is still in the process of contacting veterinarians, and we truly appreciate how helpful our clients have been. By collating these data, we hope to gain a better profile of cats with urate stones and use these data to design prospective feline urate projects. If you are a veterinarian and submitting a urate stone to our laboratory, we would greatly appreciate your efforts to also include a faxed copy of the patient’s record to include in our data. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Jodi Westropp at jlwestropp@ucdavis.edu or Dr. Jonathan Dear at jddear@gmail.com.