Veterinary Medicine Extension

Mission Statement


Veterinary Medicine Extension's purpose is to develop and disseminate to the people of California new knowledge about animal health and human health relative to animals or animal products. Where adequate know ledge is not available to characterize or solve a particular problem, Veterinary Extension specialists bring facts concerning the issue to the campus and foster research necessary to address the problem.


Our programs are focused on finding science-based solutions to problems that threaten the vitality of California's animal industries, rather than on clinical issues affecting individual producers. Veterinary Medicine Extension's customers include the general public, public policy agencies, animal-related industries, food producers, commodity groups, consumers of animal products, and the animals themselves.


To actively listen to California's public and animal related industries, represent their needs to the University, execute applied research projects necessary to facilitate field adoption of animal health- and welfare-related research findings, and provide science-based technology and information transfer to the public-at-large.


Agriculture Experiment Station faculty members, other university faculty members, county-based farm advisors, veterinarians, and the public.

Current Projects

Current projects are featured on each of the programs pages listed in the Web site menu.