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Great Gray Owl

Mtn Lion

Anna's Hummingbird



Red-shouldered Hawk

White-tailed deer

Galápagos hawk

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Wildlife Genetics, Genomics, and Population Health

Laboratory of Holly Ernest DVM PhD

Developing and applying the science of DNA analysis, disease investigation, and ecological tools to answer key questions toward improved population health, conservation, and management of wildlife birds and mammals.

Expertise in wildlife of California, Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountain West

Educating the next generation of scientists, wildlife veterinarians, and applied ecologists.

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  • Basic and applied research in wildlife genetics, population health, and ecology research
  • Undergraduate, veterinary, graduate, and post-doctoral training and education
  • Collaborative work toward wildlife conservation with non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies,nongovernmental organizations, and community citizen scientist volunteers
  • Outreach and education to the public


Spans multiple taxonomic groups: mammals and birdssea otter

  • WIldlife Disease Ecology
  • Conservation genetics
  • Landscape genetics
  • Interface among disease ecology, toxicology & genetics
  • invasion ecology & genetics of non-native species in California
  • Kinship genetics of natural bird and mammal populations
  • Population genetics and cancer incidence (pet ferrets)
  • Wildlife disease epidemiology
  • Field ecology for population studies

Eric Great Gray Owl


for Graduate, Veterinary, and Undergraduate Students




Help us through donations for our research, education and service to the public

You can help by donating money to keep our projects active or to fund the education of students who will lead wildlife conservation efforts in not-so-distant future years. Contact Dr. Holly Ernest at hbernest@ucdavis.edu and hernest@uwyo.edu (email both).


Rufous Hummingbird

Great Gray Owl