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Molecular Markers

Molecular genetic markers for ecology, conservation and wildlife population health

ECL 290 Spring 2009
Student Participatory Seminar offered through Ecology Graduate Group April-June 2009

Instructor: Holly Ernest

CRN: 69935

Thursdays (starts April 2nd)
10:30-11:50 am
267 Olson
1 unit

With instructor guidance, students present and discuss topics related to molecular markers. Depending on student interests, topics may include the following:

  • AFLP, SNP, microsatellite, ecotilling, mRNA, qPCR, ESTs, QTLs, mtDNA, sequencing, dominant vs. codominant, polyploid vs. diploid and haploid, genotype, haplotype, and more! ....the alphabet soup of ecological genetics....

  • Which markers are useful for establishing individual and kin ID, population assignment & structure, genetic diversity, intraspecific conservation units such as ESUs and MUs?

  • Want to have a better understanding of what these cryptic acronyms mean and how they relate to research and conservation?

Contact: Holly Ernest