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Great Gray Owl

Mtn Lion

Anna's Hummingbird



Red-shouldered Hawk

White-tailed deer

Galápagos hawk

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Graduate Student OpportunitiesTilly
For Study and Research

Ernest Lab - Disease Ecology and Ecological Genomics of wildlife and their pathogens
Now in based in primarily in Wyoming!

Quality education is a priority with Dr. Ernest and the laboratory.

Excellent grades (GPA), GRE scores (~85%ile or higher), and demonstrated research laboratory experience (genomics / genetics), as well as willness to TA to support your program is very important for lab membership consideration. These factors are vital for securing funding - for your tuition, stipend, and research.


Students interested in graduate research/study in ecological genetics/genomics and have a background some combination of the following may find special interest in our lab:

Preference for graduate student membership in our lab will be given to demonstration of Joeexcellent scholarship (academic record, GRE's, research experience) and to students who are awarded external (such as NSF) or substantial U. Wyoming fellowships funding for their studies. 

Students should be ready and willing to TA for at least part of their graduate student tenure.  TA means work as teaching assistant for undergraduate courses.

Since funding for graduate wildlife science research is scarse, all students in our lab are required to apply for fellowships and scholarships. As the students' major professor, Dr. Ernest will help guide this process.  Students receiving fellowship funding are more likely to gain admission to the lab of their choice. Some are available for application prior to graduate school admission. Here is a partial list:

If you believe the interests of our lab match yours and you have excellent grades and GRE’s, send Dr. Ernest an email with the following:

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