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Ecology and Genetics for Wildlife Population Health
Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Many thanks to kind photographers who have offered to share their art and craft for our web site.

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Great Gray Owl © Joe Medley

Swainson's Hawk © Holly Ernest

Galalapagos Hawk © Gerald & Buff Corsi© California Academy of Sciences

Yellow-billed Magpie © Tim Waring

Yellow-billed Magpies © Tom Greer

Mountain lion on bluff ©Gerald & Buff Corsi© California Academy of Sciences

Mountain lion eating prey © Esther Rubin

Bighorn rams © John Wehausen

Bighorn sheep © Esther Rubin

Allen's Hummingbird © Lannie-Ishak

Red-shouldered and Swainson's Hawks © Don Preisler

More coming....

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