In Memoriam

Loreto Godoy DVM MPVM *

PhD Candidate & Conservation Ecology Researcher
Ecology, with certificate in Conservation Management


Loreto Godoy Memorial Scholarship

2014-2015 Loreto Godoy Memorial Fellow: Robin Decker

2015-2016 Loreto Godoy Memorial Fellow: Cristin Young

DVM 2005 University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
MPVM (Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine)  2009.
UC Davis.

Research Interests
Conservation Medicine
Participatory Epidemiology
Wildlife diseases and population health
• Ecological Genetics
• Wild bird health and conservation, with special focus on hummingbirds

I obtained my DVM degree (Veterinarian) after finished my thesis working with very remote livestock producers in the Patagonia of Southern Chile. I continued my work with rural communities in the Chiloe Island and began to think about how to combine my professional career with effective conservation work. A main focus of effective conservation is working well with people, and successful conservation efforts combine science with pro-active and applied conservation work, therefore my participation in the program in Wildlife Genetics and Population Health provided a great opportunity to carry out my MPVM project and learn about the changes and the characteristics of the population of Southern Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) in Central and Southern California coast.  Following completion of my MPVM I started a PhD in the Ecology Graduate Group in addition to a special certificate progrm in Conservation Management.  My PhD work involves avian population health and diseases as well as conservation genetics.  The focus of my work are hummingbirds (picaflores, in Spanish) and I use my skills as a permitted hummingbird bander to conduct field work.  I trained with the Hummingbird Monitoring Network based in Patagonia Arizona.

Read here about the hummingbird research of Loreto, Holly, collaborators, and volunteers - news feature on School of Veterinary Medicine web site June 2013.



Photo of Loreto banding hummingbirds and examining them for diseases: Jean Jackman Davis Enterprise 2012

* Loreto tragically was killed in a car accident June 2013.  Words cannot express our sadness.  Loreto was a beam of sunshine and a brilliant and creative wildlife conservation scientist.   Here is a UC Davis memorial for Loreto......