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Ecological Genetics & Wildlife Population Health
Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Lab Dinner
lab dinner

Holly Ernest DVM PhD - Professor in Residence, Wildlife Population Health and Genetics;
Wildlife & Ecology Unit (VGL) director & senior investigator;
Dept of Veterinary Medicine: Population Health and Reproduction;
One Health Institute and Wildlife Health Center

MIchael Buchalski - Postdoctoral Scholar: landscape genetics, bighorn sheep projects

Tracy Drazenovich DVM - from laboratory of Dr. Michelle Hawkins - Domestic Ferret Genetics/Cancer Project

Daphne Gille - PhD Candidate in Genetics Graduate Group - bighorn sheep genetics, disease ecology (our lab) (sturgeon genetics (GVL))

Jamie Sherman - PhD Student in Animal Biology - disease ecology and population genetics of black bears

Kelly Hagadorn - undergraduate Wildlife Genetics intern and BUSP program

Sarah Bahan - Veterinary Student STAR summer 2013 intern (Hummingbird Disease Ecology project)

In Memoriam

*Loreto Godoy DVM - PhD Candidate in Ecology & Conservation Management Program; MPVM (Masters in Preventive  Veterinary Medicine) - Sea otter project; Hummingbird Health and Genetics Project
Treasured colleague, very sorely missed.
Loreto Godoy Memorial Scholarship

Alumni of our lab

Checking road-killed hawk hawkSampling Training Chicken Style Tilly at the benchSarah at the bench

Lauren Ayala - Veterinary student STAR research program
Sarah Brown - Laboratory Manager/technician; graduate student researcher
Kelsey Brust - Wildlife Genetics Undergraduate Intern
Megan Caulder- Forensic Science Graduate Student (with VGL Forensic Unit) - Deer Genetics
Julia Collins - Master's Degree 2004, Forensic Science Graduate Group
Scott Crosbie PhD - PhD in Animal Biology - Yellow-billed Magpie Project, Western Scrub Jays
Lisa Dalbeck - Laboratory Manager & Technician
Caitlin Dalby - Wildlife Genetics Undergraduate Interns
Yoshinori Endo - Wildlife Genetics Undergraduate Intern
Nuradilla Mohamad Fauzi - Wildlife Genetics Undergraduate Intern
Elinor Granzow - Veterinary student STAR research program
Ben Harmeling - Veterinary student STAR research program; Yellow-billed Magpie Project
Elizabeth Heeg - Master's Degree Genetics Graduate Group
Jasna Hodzic - Wildlife Genetics Undergraduate Intern
Joshua Hull PhD - PhD, in Ecology and Post-doctoral research
Amanda Irish - Veterinary student STAR research program; Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern
Megan Jennings - PhD , Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology: from Lewison lab San Diego State University and our lab; employed US Forest Service
Eric Jepsen - MS student in Avian Science - Great Gray Owl Project
Jennifer Kurushima - Technician, Genetics graduate student rotation
Lydia Lam - Veterinary student STAR research program; Sea Otter Project
Janet Landa - Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern
Elizabeth Long - Graduate Student Researcher
Joe Medley - completed MS in Avian Science - Great Gray Owl Project with us (now PhD student with Dr. Josh Hull)
Christopher Micheletti - Vet Student STAR 2012 intern (puma museum DNA) & Undergrad Wildlife Genetics Intern
Priya Motupalli - Magpie Monitor Undergraduate Intern and volunteer coordinator
Elizabeth Mullaney - Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern
Anne Pelligrini - MS student in Avian Science - House Finch/West Nile virus project
Sarah Pitzer - Master's Degree Avian Science Graduate Group
Brian Ramming - Informatics Undergraduate Intern
Kalyn Records - Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern
Ben Sacks PhD - Post-doctoral Researcher & Asst Project Ecologist
Levi Souza - MS in Ecology; Now Upland Game Envir. Specialist, Calif. Dept. Fish and Wildlife
Mary Stice - Veterinary student STAR research program; Hummingbird Project
Tara Thiemann - visiting post-doc, from laboratory of Dr. William Reisen
Jacob Tupper - Veterinary Student STAR summer 2013 intern (Bear Disease Ecology project)
Danielle Tufts - Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern
Leanne Taylor - Veterinary student STAR research program
Jay Well - Laboratory Manager/technician
Crystal Williams - Undergraduate Wildlife Genetics Intern

Where did they do next?
Some of the positions held by students, post-doctoral researchers, and staff following their work in our lab

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