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New Bighorn Sheep publications, in journals, Biological Conservation and Journal of Mammalogy, in collaboration with Dr. Walter Boyce, Michael Buchalski, The Nature Conservancy, and others


>> chapter in new
sea otter conservation book
Sea otter conservation book


>> exciting publications, including 2 new papers on Puma (mountain lion, cougar) and bighorn sheep genetics and ecology! <<

Check out stories about the research in:


Yellow-blled Magpie Abundance and Distribution - paper

This publication documents California state-wide distribution and substantial retraction of the range in the San Joaquin Valley.
Crosbie, Souza, and Ernest. 2014.
In the journal of Western Field Ornithologists: Western Birds
In loving memory of Scott Crosbie


More bear research in the news!

Check out Jamie Sherman's interview on One Health Radio

Jamie Treating Cubs



LA Times article
highlights the California state-wide bear genetic diversity research of our lab
.  Genetic signature of 1930's translocation of bears moved from Yosemite to southern California.

San Luis Obispo Tribute new article
highlights our molecular mark-recapture black bear research

PhD candidate Jamie Sherman quoted.
San Luis Obispo county, California
We Dare to Set Square Hair Snares For Unaware Bears There!  (...sorry!)

Hummingbird Health

Hummingbird pox virusHummingbird pox virus

Holly Ernest, Loreto Godoy, our lab, and collaborators:

Loreto Godoy Memorial Scholarship


Infection Files: One boar-burger medium-well, please

Wild game, primarily wild boar and black bear, is primarily linked to human cases of trichinellosis in the United States, yet little is known about the occurrence of Trichinella spp. in these reservoir species. The research of UC Davis PhD student Jamie Sherman aims to fill these gaps with state-wide prevalence study on this zoonotic parasite. She will be using molecular genetic techniques for this wildlife epidemiology study.


The Magpie and Nobel Prizewinner

Nobel Prizewinner Professor Peter Doherty cited our Yellow-billed Magpie and West Nile virus work in his new book.

His book describes how birds "...are recruited by humans to help us interpret changes in our increasingly challenged and unpredictable world. These wonderful creatures continually sample the atmosphere, oceans, fields and forests, signalling toxic and environmental dangers that threaten all vertebrates...."  "...Through personal stories and fascinating examples, Nobel prizewinner Peter Doherty shows also how birds have contributed to cutting-edge medical research..."

Professor Doherty received his Nobel prize in in Physiology / Medicine in 1996 and is also a veterinarian/professor based at University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Sentinel Chickens - What birds tell us about our health and the world, ISBN: 9780522861105 Melbourne University Press August 2012

The book cites the work of Drs. Scott Crosbie and Holly Ernest.