Ferrets, genetics, and cancer


We are examining relationships between genetics and the high incidence of cancer in pet ferrets. This work will provide critical information toward reduction of pain and suffering in these pets and also assist biomedical research that benefits human health.  Preliminary seed funding for this work has been provided by the Center for Comparion Animal Health.

If you are interested in 1) participating to collect cheek swab and/or hair samples from your domestic ferret; 2) helping by donating money to help fund this work, please contact Michelle Hawkins and Holly Ernest

Please note that in California, while veterinary treatment of pet ferrets is legal, ferret ownership requires specific permits and is not generally legal.   Other states allow ferret ownership.
California Department of Fish and Game Ferret web site

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Pictures courtesy: Mika Hiltunen (top), Craig M. Groshek (left), "Psychonaut" (right)

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