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Teaching and Education Outreach to Public

   Holly Ernest DVM PhD

Starting Fall 2014, Holly's position shifts to University of Wyoming (click here for more info).  Courses she founded or taught below may now be taught by other UC Davis professors.  See each course below for information links on potential future offerings.


Genetics for Wildlife Disease Ecology Resource list:
Handout accompanying a session at The Wildlife Society Annual Conference.

Past Courses taught by Holly Ernest at UC Davis
See Dr. Ernest's link for current teaching

Applied Ecological Genetics and Genomics (ECL242)
Introduction to Genetics & Genomics for Ecology, Health, and Conservation of Natural Populations
Course founded by Holly Ernest, and taught 2008-2013 as ECL242 and cross listed as PHR242  for graduate students.
Now will be taught at UC Davis by Dr. David Neale and others - for more info check with Ecology Graduate Group Administrator at http://ecology.ucdavis.edu/

Landscape Genetics with GIS and Software
Co-taught with Dr. Karen Beardsley (ICE) 2010 and 2011.
Applied computer lab course using ArcGIS and Landscape genetics and population genetics software.
Students learned with real data sets.
Not offered currently by Holly Ernest, but check with Ecology Graduate Group administrator http://ecology.ucdavis.edu/ if you are interested.

Molecular Genetic Markers for Ecology, Conservation, and Population Health
ECL 290 for graduate students - was offered in past years as students expressed interest in various topics.
Student Participatory Seminar. Student driven and presented topics include a survey of the range of molecular genetic tools and techniques (primarily DNA-based) used in ecological studies (Whole Genome, SNPs, microsatellites, sequence data, introns, AFLP, gene expression markers, cDNA, and lots more!).
Not offered currently by Holly Ernest, but check with Ecology Graduate Group Administrator at http://ecology.ucdavis.edu/ if you are interested.

Course Notes - Population Genetic Software Winter 2007
How, when, why's of using many different computer programs for wildlife population and relatedness genetics.

Opportunities for Graduate, Undergraduate, and Veterinary Students

Conservation Education Outreach to Public

UC Davis Hummingbird Health Program
University of Wyoming Hummingbird Health Program

Currently very active!!  With California- and Wyoming-based programs.  Dr. Lisa Tell (UC Davis) now leads the California program and Dr. Holly Ernest (University of Wyoming and UC Davis) leads the new Wyoming-based program.  Public involvement with science and natural history projects for hummingbird biology, health, disease ecology, and conservation


Magpie Monitors
Program run 2004-2009 during peak of West Nile Virus outbreak - bringing science and conservation of our local birds to Davis, Central Coast, and California Central Valley communities. Several publications and activities for bird health and conservation produced as result of our work!


White-tailed Kite and Yellow-billed Magpie  White-tailed Kite and Yellow-billed Magpie2

First graders learn about
wildlife veterinary medicine and conservation


Hummingbird Population Research & Conservation

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