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Just as with human patients, chronic inflammatory disease, spinal cord injury, heart disease, orthopedic disease and neural degenerative disorders can also affect animal patients leading to a poor quality of life and possibly even death. Regenerative medicine holds tremendous promise to reduce pain and suffering and elminate disease. By promoting both stem cell biotechnology and tissue engineering, the VIRC is leading the way in developing novel therapeutics for animals and people. In order to realize the full potential of regenerative medicine in veterinary and human patients, donations from individuals such as yourself, are needed and greatly appreciated. These donations will be used to strengthen the regenerative medicine infrastructure at the #1 ranked UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, enable more animals to be treated in potentially life-saving clinical trials and support our translational research efforts for several diseases. It is our hope to change the face of regenerative medicine by treating patients both big and small. To make a donation to the VIRC please contact us directly or click here to make an online donation. Thank you for your generosity.