Donor Tissue Procurement and Qualification

The VIRC provides access to donor tissue via the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and our network of referring veterinarians. Tissues include fat, placenta, blood etc. Panels to qualify donors to assure safe and compliant tissues include:

  • Complete Blood Cell count
  • Biochemical Profile
  • Urinalysis
  • Respiratory Infectious Disease Panel (Cat)
  • Blood Infectious Disease Panel (Dog and Cat)
  • Serology Panel for Tick-borne and Heartworm Diseases (Dog)
Donor Tissue Procurement and Qualification Price
Tissue Collection (including: fat, bone marrow, cord tissue) $173
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $90
Basic CBC $65
Biochemical Profile $92
Liver/Kidney Only Chemical Panel $86
Urinalysis $67
Respiratory Panel (cat) $139
Infectious Disease Panel (cat) $139
Tick Panel (dog; Heartworm, lyme, E. canis, A. phagocytophilum) $103
Brucella canis (dog) $81
Blood Donor Panel (dog) $163
Whole Blood Collection $130