Department of Molecular Biosciences

Staff Roles




Academic Personnel

Merits, Promotions: Dean's Office

Appointments, Leaves, Recruitments: Susie Lee-Tai

Susie Lee-Tai, Allison Prather

Allison Prather, Casey Steimer-Wilson

Account Mgmt. for Allen, Buckpitt, Fascetti, Gorin, Havel, Larsen, Puschner, Vulliet

Vivian Yu Any Account Manager
Account Mgmt. for Cortopassi, Pessah Nicole Gibson Any Account Manager
Account Mgmt. for Angelastro, Lein, Amino Acid Lab Diana Dai Any Account Manager
Account Mgmt. for Giulivi, Ramsey, Dept., Nutrition & Pet Care Center Kelli Tallon Any Account Manager
A/V Equipment Casey Steimer-Wilson Any Staffperson
Benefits Information and Forms Susie Lee-Tai Vivian Yu
Budgets, Grants/Contracts and overall coordination of grants Account Managers Susie Lee-Tai
Computer-Related Assistance For CATS help email: CATS help request system
Course Support -- Photocopying, SmartSite, CRNs, PTAs Allison Prather Susie Lee-Tai
Employment of Faculty Susie Lee-Tai Vivian Yu
Employment of Students and Limited Term and Career Staff Account Managers Susie Lee-Tai
Equipment Inventory Allison Prather Diana Dai
Event and Meeting Support Allison Prather Any Staffperson
Filing Casey Steimer-Wilson Student Assistant
Facilities problems, repairs, etc. Allison Prather Any Staffperson
Grants/Contracts typing, photocopying, etc. Account Managers Any Account Manager
Invoice/Vendor Payment Casey Steimer-Wilson Allison Prather
Invoicing for Dept's Services Amino Acid Analysis Lab: Diana Dai
Nutrition & Pet Care Center: Kelli Tallon
Vivian Yu
Keys Casey Steimer-Wilson Kelli Tallon, Allison Prather
Mail Distribution and Package Log Pam Roualdes (VM3B Reception) Casey Steimer-Wilson or Any Staffperson
Packages (Signing for) Pam Roualdes (VM3B Reception) Any Staffperson
Paycheck Distribution Allison Prather Casey Steimer-Wilson
Payroll - Paper timesheets (monthly)
Allison Prather Kelli Tallon, Diana Dai
Payroll - TRS timesheets (monthly/bi-weekly)
Kelli Tallon Allison Prather, Diana Dai
Purchasing  Allison Prather, Casey Steimer-Wilson Any Account Manager
Rates for Self-Supporting Units Amino Acid Analysis Lab: Diana Dai
Nutrition & Pet Care Center: Kelli Tallon
Vivian Yu, Susie Lee-Tai
Room Reservations Allison Prather Any Staffperson
Safety Larry Neal Susie Lee-Tai
Space Assignments Department Chair Susie Lee-Tai
Staff Personnel (Recruitment, Leaves, Evaluation, etc.) Susie Lee-Tai Account Managers
Student Employment Recruitment Account Managers Any Account Manager
Telephone Service/UC Directory Telephone Listings Allison Prather Vivian Yu
Travel Allison Prather Casey Steimer-Wilson, Diana Dai
Visas Account Managers Any Account Manager
Website Allison Prather Kelli Tallon
Worker's Compensation Susie Lee-Tai Account Managers