Epidemiology and One Health

Photo: Epidemiology

Epidemiology and One Health programs focus on the population health of domestic animals, wildlife and people, using analytical approaches and tools that facilitate diagnosis, control, prevention, and eradication of diseases, and address challenges that impact health, sustainability, and productivity of populations.

Specialty areas include:

  • Disease reporting and surveillance systems
  • Development of diagnostic technologies and diagnostic test evaluation
  • Population diagnostic pathology, immunology, and disease ecology
  • Epidemiologic modeling, survival analysis, network analysis, and disease dynamics
  • Risk analysis, risk characterization, and spatial epidemiology
  • Wildlife epidemiology
  • Endangered species conservation
  • Ecosystem health
  • Public health
  • Molecular epidemiology

Research areas include:

  • Equine health
  • Livestock health
  • Wildlife health
  • Food safety
  • Application and optimization of diagnostic tests
  • Disease ecology
  • Vector-borne pathogens
  • Zoonotic disease detection and surveillance
  • Endangered species conservation and extinction risk
  • Anthropogenic stressors
  • Pathogen pollution
  • Transboundary and emerging infectious diseases
  • Risk characterization
  • Disease forecasting and epidemiological modeling
  • Aquatic epidemiology
  • Ecosystem health
  • One Health