Department of Medicine and Epidemiology

Other Graduate Groups

A graduate academic program in epidemiology leading to the MS degree and/or the PhD degree is available through the Graduate Group in Epidemiology. This program includes members of the faculty from the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine as well as from other departments on the Davis campus. Students interested in pursuing a graduate academic degree in epidemiology should contact the Graduate Group in Epidemiology, or write to:

Graduate Group in Epidemiology
Room 2108 Tupper Hall
University of California
One Shileds Ave., Davis, CA 95616

On-Line applications are found throught Office of Graduate Studies. The GRE exam is required for application to the Graduate Division

A professional degree, Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) is also offered through the School of Veterinary Medicine. Using state-of-the-art modern methods in epidemiology, the program prepares veterinarians to investigate and evaluate disease and production problems in animal populations and to design, evaluate and implement disease control or other veterinary services programs.

The School of Veterinary Medicine is responsible for the overall administration of the MPVM program and for awarding the degree; the departments of Medicine and Epidemiology, and Population Health and Reproduction are most extensively involved in the instructional aspects of the program. Veterinary Extension, other departments and divisions in the University, such as Agricultural Economics, Ecology, Food Science and Technology, Statistics and the Graduate School of Management actively contribute to the MPVM program. Faculty in the School and other collaborating faculty carry out research on a wide variety of animal diseases, on parasitic and microbial zoonoses, veterinary public health, food-borne infections of man, animal health economics, animal production, biostatistics, veterinary medical data management and computer applications in veterinary medicine.