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Companion Animal Gastrointestinal Lab
Dr. Stanley L. Marks
CAGL Website
Contact: (530) 752-9375

G.V. Ling Urinary Stone Analysis Lab
Dr. Jodi Westropp
Lab Manager: Ryoji Shiraki
Contact: (530) 752 - 3228

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) Testing
Dr. Sharon J. Spier
Testing is available through the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
Contact: (530) 752-2211

Infectious Disease Ecology Lab 
Dr. Janet E. Foley
Foley Lab Website
Lab Manager: Joy Worth
Contact: (530) 754-9740

Real-time PCR Research and Diagnostics Core Facility 
Dr. Nicola Pusterla
Dr. Emir Hodzic
Contact: (530) 752-2630

PCR Lab Website
Lab Manager: Samantha Mapes
Contact: (530) 752-7991