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Guidelines for submitting an external qPCR run on the Applied Biosystems 7900HT Fast thermocycler

  • Number of cDNA/DNA plates per day is unlimited.
  • Only ONE RNA plate overall can be signed up per day. Researchers need to call in advance to make sure the machine is available. Researchers must obtain permission from technician to run a second RNA plate.
  • Please bring your plate by 3:00pm. We cannot extend our working hours while waiting for incoming plates. Plates will not be accepted on Fridays or a day before a university holiday.
  • Our machine is calibrated with barcoded 384-well plates - Applied Biosystems P/N 4309849. We do not accept 96-well plates. Using different 384-well plates puts your results at risk for inaccurate readings. Plates need to be sealed with Applied Biosystems MicroAmp Optical Adhesive Film (P/N 4311971) or equivalent.
  • Plates should be dropped off to 3112 Tupper Hall with an External Run Sheet (link below). Please leave your plate in the minifridge in room 3112. Forms should be placed on the desk.
  • Make sure to thoroughly label your plates using a Sharpie with the PI's last name on the edge/skirt of the plate (not on the top of the plate). Seal the plate tightly and tear the optical adhesive at the perforated edges. If submitting more than one plate, please write the plate number on the plate as well.
  • Do not attempt to start the machine yourself, our technicians will queue your plates.
  • For modified protocols please check "other" and clearly state cycling conditions to be used (either typed in different color font, clearly handwritten, or attach a printed version of the cycling conditions).
  • If a reaction volume different than 12 ul is used, please indicate it on the submission form.
  • Applied Biosystem SDS software is needed to analyze the data. The latest version of the software can be found here
  • SDS result files are available for download from our website the next morning. To obtain the results please follow the link http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/vme/taqmanservice/(YOUR PI'S LAST NAME).html
  • SDS result files will be removed from the website after one month.

Please download and complete all information on External Run Sheet