UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Technology

Below is a list of equipment our lab utilizes for both research and diagnostic samples.

GenoGrinder 2010

A homogenizer that pulverizes up to two 96-well plates for a variety of sample types including tissue, plant roots, insects, etc.

BioSprint 96

A 96-well based automated magnetic bead extraction system, used for plant diagnostics, and research samples.


A 96-well based semi-automated extraction system for total nucleic acid, used for diagnostic samples.

The Agilent Bioanalyzer

The bioanalyzer’s function is to determine the quality and quantity of RNA in low concentration samples.


A thermocycler, with a laser detection system, used to assess the degree of amplification by measuring the intensity of fluorescence in a given sample.


A micro-volume spectrophotometer