Veterinary Medicine News Special Edition, v.15 n.2, Fall 1998

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Page 1:Accreditation Review Calls for Improved School Facilities and Finances
Page 2:Striking a Balance: Building New Partnerships to Advance Programs in Veterinary Education
Page 3:Be an Ambassador for Support of California Veterinary Education!
pp. 3-4:A Wise Investment in a Vital Profession


Veterinary Medicine News, v.15 n.1, Spring/Summer 1998 (PDF: 8pp, 15.7MB)

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Page 6 (PDF: 1p, 2.3MB)
Page 7 (PDF: 1p, 2.4MB)
Page 8 (PDF: 1p, 4.4MB)


Veterinary Medicine News, v.14 n.2, Fall/Winter 1997-98 (PDF: 12pp, 9.5MB)

Download individual pages including the "Companion Animal Nutrition" poster from the table below:

TopicPageFile size
Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN)1(PDF: 1p, 1,023K)
OWCN Aids Animals Oiled in Spills2(PDF: 1p, 2.4MB)
Pet Loss Support Hotline3(PDF: 1p, 446K)
California Dairy Technology Center4(PDF: 1p, 908K)
New Gene Therapy for Brain Tumors 5(PDF: 1p, 660K)
Companion Animal Nutrition6(PDF: 1p, 627K)
Nutrition Support Service7(PDF: 1p, 660K)
Answers to Pet Nutrition Questions (11" x 17" poster)6-7(PDF: 2pp, 1MB)
Understanding Senility in Aged Dogs8(PDF: 1p, 594K)
Equine Bone Fracture Repair9(PDF: 1p, 974K)
Faculty News/New Faculty10(PDF: 1p, 1.4MB)
Kudos/Alumni Notes11(PDF: 1p, 1429K)
OWCN Facilities for Wildlife Care12(PDF: 1p, 165K)


Veterinary Medicine News, v.14 n.1, Spring/Summer 1997 (PDF: 11pp, 1.5MB)

Highlights of Spring/Summer 1997 issue:

New Center for Comparative Medicine Names Director

Flood Survivor Delivers Foal

School Members Aid Disaster Victims

Medical Ecologist Investigates Risk of Waterborne Pathogens

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