Veterinary Medicine News, v.16 n.1, Spring/Summer 1999 (PDF: 16pp, 404K)

Download individual pages including the "Ecotoxicology" poster from the table below:

Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
Ecotoxicology: Viewing the Big Picture1(PDF: 1p, 32K)
50th Anniversary Campaign Update2(PDF: 1p, 20MB)
First Human Lyme Disease Vaccine Receives FDA Approval3(PDF: 1p, 32K)
New Center for Comparative Medicine Inaugural Includes Symposium and Open House3 
New Facilities: Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Equine Orthopedic Laboratory, Oiled Wildlife Care Center4(PDF: 1p, 24K)
UC Davis Volunteers Hone Disaster Response Skills5(PDF: 1p, 36K)
New Faculty Members6(PDF: 1p, 38K)
Faculty News7(PDF: 1p, 24K)
Bulletin Board Series: Ecotoxicology
(11" x 17" poster)
8-9(PDF: 2pp, 104K)
Kudos10(PDF: 1p, 32K)
Kudos11(PDF: 1p, 36K)
Students Engage in Animal Welfare Projects12(PDF: 1p, 36K)
Shelter Dog Rescue Program Graduates Good Pets12 
Kudos13(PDF: 1p, 40K)
Alumni Notes13 
Alumni Notes14(PDF: 1p, 44K)
Alumni Notes15(PDF: 1p, 28K)
In Memoriam15 
New Videotape on Equine Fetal Sexing Expands School's Educational Tools16(PDF: 1p, 32K)

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