Veterinary Medicine News Vol. 17 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2000

Download the complete newsletter (PDF: 12pp, 5,500K) or choose individual (PDF) pages from the table below:

Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
The School Celebrates Commencement 2000 (cont'd. on p.4)1(PDF: 1p, 1,400K)
New Alliance Creates Mouse Genomics Lab; DNA Testing Verifies Thoroughbred Pedigrees 2(PDF: 1p, 524K)
School Launches New Program for Marine Ecosystem Health; New Rescue Facility for Oiled Wildlife Opens; Fall Symposium3(PDF: 1p, 68K)
Commencement 2000 (cont'd. from p.1); School's Highest Award Salutes Lifetime Achievement4(PDF: 1p, 1,100K)
Private Veterinary Practitioner Is Asset to School Admissions Process5(PDF: 1p, 188K)
Physical Therapy for Horses (11" x 17" poster)6-7(PDF: 2pp, 548K)
Southern California Service Helps Solve Problem Behavior in Animals8(PDF: 1p, 352K)
Labs Work in Tandem to test Neuromuscular Function and Discover the Causes of Disease9(PDF: 1p, 560K)
New Faculty Members10(PDF: 1p, 364K)
Faculty News; Kudos; Alumni Notes; In Memoriam11(PDF: 1p, 72K)
Kids Get Up Close and Personal with "Alternative" Pets12(PDF: 1p, 980K)

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