Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 19 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2002

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Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
School Begins to Modernize and Expand Facilities
Governor Approves Funding for Key Building Project (Cont'd. on p. 2)
1(PDF: 1p, 508K)
Governor Approves Funding (Cont'd. from p. 1)2(PDF: 1p, 588K)
Lung-Disease Expert Named CRPRC Director
Humans Get Assist from 'Best Friend' (CCAH Groundbreaking)
3(PDF: 1p, 1,856K)
Ticks Carry Bartonella
Cats Top Dogs as Companions for AIDS Patients
Web Delivers Lessons in International Animal Health
4(PDF: 1p, 1.3MB)
Unique Study to Examine Cougars, Deer, Sheep—and People5(PDF: 1p, 240K)
Cutting Dairy Practitioners Out of the Herd (Cont'd. on p. 7)6 
Cutting Dairy Practitioners Out of the Herd (Cont'd. from p. 6)7(PDF: 2pp, 1.1MB)
Ophthalmology [and the Health of Your Pet] Poster8(PDF: 1p, 1.5MB)
Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Wildlife Studies
Residents Showcase Scientific Studies
9(PDF: 1p, 412K)
News and Kudos (Cont'd. on p. 11)10 
News and Kudos (Cont'd. from p. 10); In Memoriam11(PDF: 2pp, 464K)
Development Notes ( Cont'd on pp 13-15)
Dean's Club Honor Roll
Class of 1952 Reunion Gift
Development Notes (Cont'd. from p. 12)
Parents Fund Honor Roll
New Classrooms Are Coming
Development Notes (Cont'd. from p. 13)
Annual Fund Honor Roll
Endowed Fellowship to Support Anatomic Pathology Grads
Development Notes (Cont'd. from p. 14)
California Dairy Technology Center Receives $1million USDA Grant
15(PDF: 4pp, 544K)
Center Created to Carry Out Children's Health Studies16(PDF: 1p, 476K)


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