Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 20 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2003

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Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
Companion Animal Hemodialysis Unit Begins Service in Southern California (cont'd. on p. 2) 1(PDF: 1p, 96KB)

Companion Animal Hemodialysis Unit Begins Service in Southern California (cont'd. from p. 1)

UC Veterinary Medical Center—San Diego, Specialty Services in Southland

Mountain Lion Study on Track, Year Two

2(PDF: 1p, 76KB)

Veterinary Medicine's Role in Biodefense and Public Health (Nov. 2002 scientific meeting)

West Nile Virus Arrives in State

CA Animal Health and Food Safety Lab Develops Resource Network

3(PDF: 1p, 80KB)
Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) announced 4(PDF: 1p, 68KB)
International Symposium Focuses on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism 5(PDF: 1p, 56KB)
Nutrition Support Center Has New VMTH Headquarters (cont'd. on p. 7) 6(PDF: 1p, 104KB)
Nutrition Support Center (cont'd. from p. 6)

UC Davis Proposes the Western National Center for Biodefense and Emerging Diseases

7(PDF: 1p, 56KB)
Companion Animal Dentistry—Preventing Periodontal Disease (24.75 x 11") Poster 8(PDF: 1p, 176KB)

Dental Operatory Celebrates 10 Years

News and Kudos (cont'd. on p. 10)
9(PDF: 1p, 68KB)
News and Kudos (cont'd. from p. 9, cont'd. on p. 11)10(PDF: 1p, 80KB)
News and Kudos (cont'd. from p. 10); In Memoriam11(PDF: 1p, 72KB)
Development Notes (cont'd on pp 13-15)
Ophthalmology Service
Companion Animal Health Day
12(PDF: 1p, 92KB
Development Notes (cont'd. from p. 12)
Marine Ecosystem Health Program
13(PDF: 1p, 80KB)
Development Notes (cont'd. from p. 13)
Class of '52
Veterinary Medicine Instructional Facility
14(PDF: 1p, 96KB)
Development Notes (cont'd. from p. 14)
"Faithful Partner" Memorial dedication
15(PDF: 1p, 120KB)
Vet Students Aid El Salvadoran Farmers16(PDF: 1p, 88KB)


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