Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 21 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2004

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Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
School Readies for AVMA Accreditation Review (cont'd. on p. 2) 1(PDF: 1p, 88KB)

Spay Day 2004: Volunteers Alter Record Number of Dogs and Cats (cont'd. on p. 6)

2(PDF: 1p, 84KB)
Veterinary Family Practice Reflects Human-Animal Bond 3(PDF: 1p, 80KB)
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy: A Challenge in Veterinary Medicine
CAHFS Lab System Certified as a Regional Surveillance Laboratory
4(PDF: 1p, 84KB)
DNA Test Aims to Detect Protein Conatminants in Ruminant Feed 5(PDF: 1p, 84KB)
Spay Day 2004 (cont'd from p. 2) 6(PDF: 1p, 100KB)

Preventing and Controlling Zoonotic Diseases Requires a Comprehensive Approach
New Species Named for Professor

7(PDF: 1p, 76KB)
School Establishes Pharmacy Residency
New Faculty Members (cont'd on p. 9)
8(PDF: 1p, 88KB)

New Faculty Members (cont'd from p. 8)

Horse Owners Recognized for Contributions to Clinical Veterinary Medicine
9(PDF: 1p, 96KB)
Kudos (cont'd. on p. 11)10(PDF: 1p, 88KB)
Kudos (cont'd. from p. 10); In Memoriam11(PDF: 1p, 64KB)
Thank You Notes (cont'd on pp 13-15)
Gifts, Endowments
12(PDF: 1p, 84KB
Thank You Notes
Veterinary Medicine Instructional Facility... School's First New Classroom in Decades
13(PDF: 1p, 100KB)
Thank You Notes
New Center for Companion Animal Health Expands Clinical and Research Facilities
14(PDF: 1p, 96KB)
Thank You Notes
15(PDF: 1p, 104KB)
Center for Continuing Professional Education 2004 Calendar16(PDF: 1p, 180KB)


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